Xavier’s workshop seeks to promote a dialogue with the body and its relationship in space and time by using the body as a conscious instrument and as an architectural object, which has a memory and a story.


Xavier methodology promotes connections and awareness within and without the body by choice making, directed improvisation, task-based exploration, and composition. Like this creating space for the sensorial body to emerge and exist, by being creative, curious and alive.  


LESSONS (Contemporary Ballet).


Xavier approaches his dance classes with principles of relaxation technique, yoga, martial arts and core work within the traditional dance technique. 


The class focuses on the prevention of injuries and strengthening the central core of the body, developing internal connections and preparing a neutral body ready for precise dancing. It concentrates on the spine as a moving entity, weight shifting, use of breath, proper alignment, quality of structural form, coordination and rhythm.


The exercises are built on circles, lines, spirals and opposition energy; moving through space and also moving the space around you, promoting lengthening in every movement.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.