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Born in Brazil, Xavier has been living and working in The Netherlands since 1993 as a professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, in 2017 he was qualified by Middlesex University in the UK(BAH’s), and S.A.E Institute of Media Amsterdam as a digital filmmaker.

Since 2020 he is a certified Fletcher Pilates instructor.

Currently, he works as a freelance choreographer, videographer, teacher, performer, and rehearsal director.


In 2002 he was awarded Swan Prize Best Dancer VSCD (Dutch Theater directions), Theater Dance Price because of his recognizable style: sharp, passionate, and lyrical.
In 2009 he was awarded as Best Male Act with Duda Paiva Company (puppetry and dance) with” Malediction” at the festival Baj Pomorski, Torun (PL).


Xavier was a member of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam(NL), where he also became a choreographer(1998), Duda Paiva Company(NL), LeineRoebana Muziek&Dance(NL), Nanini Linning Dance Company(NL), Frankfurt Ballet (DT) as rehearsal director and assistant choreographer of Paul Selwyn Norton for the production Sub-Rosa, Djazzex(NL), and Quasar Cia of Dance(BR). 

And as a freelance artist, he continues to create and collaborate with various artists in the field.


He had self-educated on dance in Brazil through various styles of dance including, Capoeira, Afro, Jazz, Modern, and contemporary techniques. After having only 2 years of Ballet, method RAD; regardless of no family or government support, he rails to Holland to study improvisation, release technique, and choreography at the SNDO Theater School Amsterdam (School for new dance development).



Transitions Dance Company                    |  UK

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam                        |  NL  

Leineroebana Music&Dance Company    |   NL

Het National Ballet Junior                       |   NL

Korzo Theater Productions                      |   NL  


Thomas Noone Dance Company             |   ES

Bale do Teatro Basileu e França              |   BR

Amsterdam Dans Group                          |   NL


Samadhi Dance Company                       |   NL  



Male duet created for the Bale do Teatro Basileu e Franca (BR) 

2018 - ABALONE 

Solo in collaboration installation with STMSND( designers Amersfoort)



A male duet commissiooned by DasLos Dane Company (BR)


2016 - 12


made for 12 dancers with music composed by Ben Pearson.



A collaboration between Shuann Chai & Ederson Xavier, with Shunske Sato(violin) & Masahiro Yanagimoto(dancer).

A Co-production with Korzo Producties and Ciaconna Stichting Ciaconna.



2015 - A DREAM - FILM

Commissioned by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam & Boijman's Museum Rotterdam.

Camera & Edit & concept by Ederson Xavier.

Exhibition at Boijmans's Museum Rotterdam April till June 2015.



2014 - 2FOLD - YAH

Commissioned by Samadhi Dance Company. Creeated for 5 dancers adn live cello by Katharine Groos,

composition by Arnold Marinissen



Commissioned by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam for the Progam TWOOLS 16

Created for 4 dancers, with live cello by Katharine Groos, composition by Arnold Marinissen.



A collaboration between Shuann Chai & Ederson Xavier.

A Co-production with Korzo Producties and Ciaconna Stichting Ciaconna.

choreografie Ederson Rodrigues Xavier | artistiek coördinator muziekensemble Shuann Chai | dans Kiyan Khoshoie, Michal Goral (Codarts), Audrey Apers (AHK),  Ivan Ugrin (AHK), Nathalie van den Homberg (ArtEZ) en Inge van Huijkelom (ArtEZ) | muziek - pianoShuann Chai | sopraan Aleksandra Anisimowicz | fluit Marieke Franssen | slagwerk Juri Kuefner en Wen Hsin Chen | lichtontwerp Bas Vissers


2013 - SHASP

Commissioned for BOB FOLTZ+Company, program MAN. 



choreography Ederson Xavier

for the Cia of Dance CEP Basileu França  (Brazil)

world premiere on 25th June 2013 Doelenzaal Theater ITS FESTIVAL 2013.



It is a co-production of Malandain Ballet Biarritz/Choreographic Lab without Frontiers and Korzo productions. The performance is financially supported by The City of the Hague.

Choreography and Dance/ Yvan Dubreuil, Jean Gérald Dorseuil, Ederson Rodrigues Xavier, Gaël DomengeLighting Design/ Yvan Dubreuil,  Peter LemmensScenography/ Yvan DubreuilVocal/ Beñat AchiaryPercussion/ Ramon LopezAccordeon/ Philippe Ezcurra


2012 - NUDGE

Commissioned by Korzo Theater for the Voorjaarntwaken program.World preimere 12/04/2012 at Korzo Theater.dancers:Janyce Michellod, NInos Josef, Quentin Dehaye & Ederson XavierMusic live/composed by Artemizs Polonyi.


2011 – MEME

Commissioned by Codarts Dance Academy Rotterdam. A piece for 14 students with music by Ravel, piano Concerto in G Major: II. Adagio Assai - Hélène Grimaud. Presented at the Stadschouwburg Rotterdam, Korzo Theater and Its Festival in Amsterdam.


2010 - AROMA                             

Commissioned by DansGroep Amsterdam.

Music by Colleen, performed by Natasha Rodina & Francesca Monti,  

Premiered in September 2010  at  the First Amsterdam Dans Festival.


2010 - LAPSE                                

Comissioned by Thomas Noone Dance Company In Barcelona,.

A piece for four dancers with music composed by Tian Rotteveel.


2010 - BEYOND THE SKIN      

A duet,  commissioned by Leine&Roebana Dance Company, performed by Tim Persent & Heather Ware, with live music composed by Maria  Oliynik played by Mae Assemble. Presented at the Orgel Park Amsterdam.                 


2009 - GUTS                                   

A male duet with music composed by Arnold Marinissen. Performed by Ederson R. Xavier & Samir Calixto. A DansMakers Amsterdam production.


2009 - DEVILISH                            

Commissioned by Korzo Producties, a full evening, combining 3 pieces: TUNED - STAVES - BLINK. Tour on 2010.


2009 - STAVES                              

A18min piece for 3 dancers and 1 musician( Ivo Jansen live piano ), with composition from Simeon Ten Holt. Commissioned by Muziek Gebouw Aan’Ij for the minimal music Festival and by Korzo producties.


2008 - TUNED                               

A 15min piece for 2 dancers and 1 musician. Performed by Ederson Xavier & Liat Waysbort. Music composed/live by Arnold Marinissen and set design by Pierluigi Pompei; presented ‘One Nights Dance’ Dansateliers Rotterdam, ‘Cadance’ Korzo Theater, ‘Dag in de Braden’ Korzo Theater and ‘Live& Frame’ Muziek Gebouw Amsterdam.                                                                                    


2006 - BLINK                                 

A16min solo performed by Liat Waysbort and Iris Reyes. Commissioned by Cadance Dance festival ‘06, set to music composed by Arnold Marinissen. BLINK was also selected for the Cadance on the Road tour on March/April/May 2007 and Julidans on July 2007.


2004 - SHADOW                          

A 17min piece,  male duet performed by Christopher Rizzi and Ederson Xavier. Commisssioned by Candace Dance Festival ’04, set to music composed by Michel Grens and accompanied live guitar by Erik Rutjes.


2004 - UNZIP                                 

Commissioned by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. A 40min, piece for seven male dancers, with live music performed and composed by Greg Smith (electronics and percussion), and singer Linda Bloemhard.


2003 – YO-YO                                

Commissioned by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. A 10min piece, 2x 5 mins, for 10 dancers, created for the program Twools 5.



Commissioned by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. A 40min piece for 16 dancers, set to music composed and accompanied by David Dramm accompanied by live Assemble.


2000 - TWO LOOK 4                     

Commissioned by Codarts, Dance Academy Rotterdam. A 10min piece for 4 dancers, with music composed by Greg Smith.


2000 - INSOMNIAC                       

Commissioned by Artez Dance Academy Arnhem and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam for the Twools 3 program. A 10min piece for 4 dancers, with music composed by Greg Smith.



Commissioned by Theater Instituit Amsterdam and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam for the program Twools 1. A 17min,  piece for3 dancers. Also forms part of the cultural exchange program between Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Netherlands, and was also performed during the 1999 Netherlands Dance Platform.


1999 - TIME IS UP                       

A 15min piece for 6 dancers, for the Workshop of Scapino ballet Rotterdam,‘Made in Rotterdam’.Music composed by Michael greens.


1998 – ONE

Commissioned by Cadance Festival ’98 and Theater Institute Amsterdam, NL/NRW Link. A 11min piece for 3 male dancers with music composed by Michel Greens.Dance.


1998 - FALL                                 

Fall’ was his first production for the standard repertoire of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. A 38min piece for 12 dancers set to the music of drummer/composer Michel Grens.


1997 - QUARTET                          

It was his first choreography for the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam Workshop. A 12min piece for 4 dancers. Quartet was also selected for the International Choreographer’s Concourse in Groningen and the Enghien-les-Bains Dance Festival in France. 

Filmmaker (director - editor - cameraman) 

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam   |  Registrations (4 cameras) 

                                              TV commercials 

                                              Dance Film


Korzo Productions              |  Registrations (2 cameras) 

                                               TV commercials 


                                               Web promos 

Duda Paiva Company         |   Registrations ( 2 and 4 cameras)

                                               Dance Puppetry Film (6 cameras)


                                               Web promos 


Music&dance Company     |   Registrations (4cameras)


                                              Web promos




CODARTS  Dance academy Rotterdam       |   Contemporary dance & improvisation

AHK            Dance academy Amsterdam       |   Contemporary dance & improvisation

ARTEZ        Dance academy Arhem               |   Contemporary dance & improvisation


Scapino Ballet Rotterdam                               |   Contemporary Ballet                                                        

Henry Jurriens studios Amsterdam                |   Contemporary dance



Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance   |   Contemporary Ballet & Composition

Ballet Biarritz (FR)                                             |   Contemporary Ballet


Scapino Ballet Rotterdam  (NL).                     |   Contemporary Ballet

Henry Jurriens studios Amsterdam (NL)        |   Contemporary Ballet


Bale do Teatro Basileu e França             |   Contemporary dance & improvisation 




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