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Ederson Xavier

choreographer & filmmaker & teacher


Roberto Bourgonjen


As an artist, Xavier embarks on a continuous exploration, seeking innovative avenues to enrich his roles as a choreographer, videographer, performer, and teacher.

Rooted in a profound musical fascination and characterized by a chameleon-like perspective, Xavier's work is a testament to intricate, sharp, yet fluid movement vocabulary. His meticulous construction of movement draws from a detailed understanding of the body's relationship with space and time, serving as a potent medium to convey concepts and expressions.

Guided by a deep appreciation for the sensorial body, Xavier finds inspiration at the crossroads of dance, other disciplines, and technology. This intersection fuels his quest for fresh perspectives in choreographic construction.

The outcomes of Xavier's artistic endeavors are a captivating blend of playfulness and inquiry, consistently offering an intriguing glimpse into the nuanced dimensions of movement and existence.




Eerst Egelantiersdwarsstraat 3

1015RW Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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